Zaza on tour: one hundred days travelling Europe with our baby

So, how did this journey come about? For that we have the UK’s shared parental leave legislation to thank, alongside a thirst for travel and Zaza’s dual heritage/ family living overseas. The aims of the trip- extended family time together as a trio, spending time with  wider family, me finally learning French, seeing some of France and Italy and having a period of extended travel as I’ve been dreaming of it for over 10 years. You know, the kind where switching off from thoughts about work isn’t the longed for occurrence finally achieved two days before heading home. 

Our pre-trip planning was fairly typical of us; Marie spent weeks lovingly making guide books of the areas we’re visiting for me to peruse and choose from, I meanwhile focussed on the practicalities of getting Zaza a passport, an EHIC card and identifying some budget Air BnB options in the areas we’re probably passing through.

With our car full and roof box rammed, we set off at 6am for our ferry. Having discovered late the previous night that I hadn’t included the roof box in our ferry booking, I’m pleased to report that we were forgiven and waved through- maybe it was the cuteness of Zaza that won the lady over, or maybe she too is a parent and knows the surprise at how much stuff seems to be needed for a person so small!DSC_2436

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